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Positive Displacement and Centrifugal Air Blowers, EASYAIR™ RAMX2Factory Packages, Authorized Repair Facility, Blower and Aeration Control


Howden is proud to continue building the Roots® legacy, begun in 1854 by the Roots brothers, by manufacturing the world-renowned rotary positive displacement blowers and centrifugal compressors in Connersville, Indiana

Since we invented the Twin Lobe Blower, so synonymous has the name of Roots become, that it is common to refer to these PD blowers as 'Roots Blowers'. However, the only true Roots Blowers are those that are supplied by Howden.


Roots® Rotary Lobe PD Blowers

Howden Roots is the longest continuously-run manufacturer of rotary positive displacement blowers. It is widely known that Roots® blowers are the first of its kind invented in 1854 by the Roots brothers. Howden offer rotary bi-lobe or tri-lobe blower designs that are reliable, sturdy and heavy duty, including noise and pulsation reduction (WHISPAIR) and integral discharge jet plenum for dry operation in high vacuum levels.

Roots® EasyAir X2 Factory Blower Package Systems

includes innovative design features that reduce noise and maintenance costs while delivering reliable performance. It can be configured to meet unique requirements and is suitable for pressure or vacuum applications.

Multistage Centrifugal Combressors

Howden’s horizontally split multi-stage compressors provide efficient and reliable operations while offering easy access for maintenance. A choice of impeller materials along with a variety of sealing arrangements allows these designs to apply to air or process gas applications. The multi-stage design offers low tip speeds extending blower life and offering low total cost of ownership.

SG Turbo Blower Range

Howden’s SG blowers are available in a choice of 15 frame sizes with a capacity flow of up to 80,000 CFM (130,000 m3/hr), covering the most extensive duty range on the market.
With the widest volume and pressure range available, Howden can supply a product to meet any demand our clients have – and with achievable efficiency levels exceeding 87%. SG blowers maintain effectiveness through the full flow range, including the key 60-80% window and dropping to as low as 40% capacity when required.

Roots Control Systems

-Blower protection panels with available surge protection and prevention
-Blower pressure control systems
-Blower flow control systems
-Master blower coordination panels
-Dissolved Oxygen (DO) control systems
-Ammonia and nitrate control loops
-Most Open Valve (MOV) control systems
-Proportional basin flow control systems to
maximize blower operating ranges.