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August 2018 - Introducing - SANITAIRE Vorelodos Aerobic Digester

Consider a complete solution for your aerobic digester. Vorelodos aerobic digester combines equipment, controls, and service, to offer a solution that ensures wastewater treatment plants meet regulations while reducing operational costs.
Rethink your biosolids management strategy Vorelodos Aerobic Digester Meet regulations while saving money

2018 - DBS - Celebrating over 40 years of continuous service

Precision Bearing - Fabricated Housing Clarifier Drives, Since 1977

"Really?  Someone who doesn't own one!!" - Nils Young, President & Founder, DBS

April 2018 - TROJAN UV PHOX - Approved for 1,4-Dioxane Destruction

Destruction of 1,4-Dioxane in Drinking Water

Utilizing Advanced Oxidation Process - UV & Peroxide

TROJAN UV PHOX was approved for full scale installation by MA-DEP.

More details about TROJAN UV PHOX Advanced Oxidation - Contaminant Treatment


March 2018 - VAPEX Sentinel S5 Odor Control Systems Monitor & Controller


Sentinel S5 Radical Odor Control System Multi-Gas Analyzer Technology
with Closed-Loop Controller 


  • Single & multi-stage gas absorption scrubbers
  • Bio-scrubbers & Bio-Trickling Filters (as a monitor)
  • Activated Media scrubbers (as a monitor)


January 2018 - VaporPac, Mobile Odor Control System by ECS

ECS can have a system on-site and operating within 24-hours.

5000 and 10000 cfm systems

Odor Issues? Need a solution Fast?

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September 2017 - Now Representing

Since 1978, Orthos continues to be the leading nozzle/strainer manufacturer for packaged water and wastewater treatment filters, pressure vessels, IX columns, & tank internals.

Featuring Poseidon Filtration Systems®

Delivering Centurion™ nozzle-based monolithic underdrains, Ortho-Wash™ controls, wash troughs, media, air manifolds, pumps, blowers, & valves for a complete filtration solution.

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"My block underdrain has blown up...!"


August / 2017 - Now Representing

Self-Cleaning Screen, Disc and Microfiber Filters


ABF Series

EBS Series

Omega Series

Spring 2017 - VAPEX Pilot Reduces F.O.G.

Significantly Decreased Accumulation of Fats Oils and Grease in Pump Station Utilizing VAPEX Radical Odor Control Technology Model Nano Pilot

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VAPEX Eliminates odors, remediate fats, oils and grease and mitigate microbial induced corrosion in municipal wastewater applications. And it does all this without the need to either remove air or add chemicals.

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