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Self-Cleaning Screen, Disc and Microfiber Filters


Our extensive line of water filters and water filtration systems includes plastic,
steel, semi-automatic and fully automatic self-cleaning screen, disc and microfiber
filters. Amiad also manufactures various filter elements to suit different filtration
needs from 3500 to 2 micron.


Spin Klin Series

20-200 micron

44-880 gpm

disc filtration

AMF / SAF / TAF Series

2 -20 micron

to 1410 gpm

microfiber & multi screens

ABF Series

200 -3500 micron

to 32000 gpm

brush cleaned screen

EBS Series

10 - 800 micron

to 32000 gpm

suction-scanning screen

Omega Series

10 -500 micron

to 9700 gpm

suction-scanning screen