The MAHER Corporation - New England's WATER & WASTEWATER Process Equipment Reps - Since 1970





For over 40 years DBS has been manufacturing a full line of OEM clarifier and thickener drive units, direct "bolt-in" retrofit drives, low-speed mechanical aerators, flocculators, mixers and rotary distributor mechanisms for the water and wastewater industry


Clarification and Thickening

Bridge Mounted Drives

Pier Mounted Drives

Rake Lifting Mechanism


Floating Aerators

Bridge Mounted Aerators

Hyperbolic Aerators


Pier Mounted Dual Drives

Bridge Mounted Dual Drives

Picked Fence Agitators & Flocculators



Hyperbolic Mixers

Flat Blade Impellor Mixers

Trickling Filters

Rotary Distributors

Complete Trickling Filter Mechanisms

Trickling Filter Arms

Custom Drive Units

Grit Chamber Drives

RBC Drives

Vacuum / Drum Filter Drives