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Poseidon Filtration Systems® (Conventional W/WW, Membrane Pretreatment, BAF, Denite), Centaur™ Monolithic Underdrains, Ortho-Wash™ Media-Retaining Troughs, Nozzles


Since 1978, Orthos continues to be the leading nozzle/strainer manufacturer for packaged water and wastewater treatment filters, pressure vessels, Ion Exchange columns, & tank internals.


Featuring Poseidon Filtration Systems®

Delivering Centurion™ nozzle-based monolithic underdrains, Ortho-Wash™ controls, wash troughs, media, air manifolds, pumps, blowers, & valves for a complete filtration solution.

Monolithic filter floor with nozzles installed

Complete header/lateral underdrain for use in a pressure vessel

AKSP nozzle in a pipe lateral, to be used for backwash and air scour if needed

KSP in a steel plate for a top installation

An Ion Exchange column example with 3 plates

Tank Internals: We also offer a full line of hub & lateral designs, tank heads, distributors, and drains that can be used for both collection and distribution systems