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Poseidon Filtration Systems® (Conventional W/WW, Membrane Pretreatment, BAF, Denite), Centurion™ Monolithic Underdrains, Ortho-Wash™ Media-Retaining Troughs, Nozzles


Since 1978, Orthos continues to be the leading nozzle/strainer manufacturer for packaged water and wastewater treatment filters, pressure vessels, Ion Exchange columns, & tank internals.


Featuring Poseidon Filtration Systems®

Delivering Centurion™ nozzle-based monolithic underdrains, Ortho-Wash™ controls, wash troughs, media, air manifolds, pumps, blowers, & valves for a complete filtration solution.

MAXIMUS™ low-profile SS underdrain - MAXIMUS™ “free-flow” filter underdrain is constructed of robust, 10-gauge stainless steel (SST). Chemically-anchored to the filter floor using SST hardware for quick installation, the patent-pending MAXIMUS™ features a low, 6” profile that provides increased filter media depth or operational freeboard in retrofit applications.  

Ortho-Wash™ Troughs - Poseidon Filtration Systems® Ortho-Wash™ process combines air scour and backwash to vigorously clean filtration media while lowering backwash rates and waste volumes. Ortho-Wash™ baffles, integrally-mounted as part of the backwash trough, prevent media loss by deflecting air and providing an adjacent quiescent volume to settle out lightweight anthracite or GAC.

Denitrifying Deep Bed Filter (DDBF™) - The Denitrifying Deep Bed Filter (DDBF™) is a wastewater treatment process of the Poseidon Filtration System®. It provides fixed?film biological denitrification in a downflow filter configuration. With proper chemical treatment, the DDBF™ is capable of meeting stringent effluent limits of total nitrogen as low as 3 mg/l, total suspended solids to 2 mg/L, and total phosphorus to 0.3 mg/L or less.

ORTHOS Proteus™ O3+BAF Demo System
for Direct Potable Reuse
- primarily used at direct potable reuse (DPR) demonstration facilities. The 10-200 gpm Proteus™ O3+BAF System delivers to utilities a larger-scale, longer-term solution than pilot columns to demonstrate the carbon-based removal of total organic carbon (TOC) and other chemicals in order to achieve high-quality purified water. The Proteus™ forms the core element of carbon-based DPR treatment that meets or exceeds applicable drinking water quality standards while mitigating the brine disposal challenges of processes using reverse osmosis

Monolithic filter floor with nozzles installed

Complete header/lateral underdrain for use in a pressure vessel

AKSP nozzle in a pipe lateral, to be used for backwash and air scour if needed

KSP in a steel plate for a top installation

An Ion Exchange column example with 3 plates

Tank Internals: We also offer a full line of hub & lateral designs, tank heads, distributors, and drains that can be used for both collection and distribution systems