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Howden combines technology and worldwide engineering expertise to design and deliver solutions and services that optimize and enable your vital processes, creating a more sustainable world.

The Howden range of blowers and compressors are highly reliable and efficient solutions for the environmental and industrial markets.


ROOTS™ Blowers


All Roots™ blowers are of a compact, sturdy design, engineered for continuous operation and maximum reliability.  These blowers have a time tested lubrication system with an exclusive “figure-8” gearbox design, improving oil distribution to the timing gears and lengthening bearing life.

Roots™ Rotary Lobe Blowers

Roots™ Positive Displacement blowers are robust, heavy duty bi-lobe or tri-lobe positive displacement blowers that deliver reliable performance with innovative Whispair™ technology for low noise, low pulsation compression.

The small lobe blowers are designed to work on trucks and trailers, while the larger blowers operate in applications such as vacuum filtration and drying and materials handling.


Roots™Multi-stage Compressors


Roots™ horizontally split multi-stage compressor provides efficient and reliable operation while offering easy access for maintenance. A choice of impeller materials along with a variety of sealing arrangements allows this design to apply to air or process gas applications. The multi-stage design offers low tip speeds extending blower life and offering low total cost of ownership.


TURBLEX™ Compressors

Turblex is the world’s most efficient single-stage, integrally geared compressor you can find. With thousands of units operating worldwide, it has developed an unparalleled record of long-term reliability and low maintenance performance. In fact, the Turblex single-stage compressor is so efficient that most older compressor installations can be replaced by Turblex units with the cost of replacement recovered in a few short years by power savings.

KA Series Turbocompressors

The TURBLEX® single stage integrally geared turbocompressor has an advanced mechanical and aerodynamic design featuring a cutting aeration control system.  The air-end and integral gearbox have been developed and evolved based on 30 years of manufacturing experience, creating the most highly efficient air compressor available in the market today.


SG Turbo Blower Range

Howden’s SG blowers are available in a choice of 15 frame sizes with a capacity flow of up to 80,000 CFM (130,000 m3/hr), covering the most extensive duty range on the market.
With the widest volume and pressure range available, Howden can supply a product to meet any demand our clients have – and with achievable efficiency levels exceeding 87%. SG blowers maintain effectiveness through the full flow range, including the key 60-80% window and dropping to as low as 40% capacity when required.

HOWDEN Aeration Control Systems

  • Blower protection panels with surge protection and prevention
  • Blower pressure control systems
  • Blower flow control systems
  • Master blower coordination panels
  • Dissolved Oxygen (DO) control systems
  • Ammonia and nitrate controls loops
  • Most open valve (MOV) control systems
  • Proportional basin flow control systems to maximize blower operating ranges

Howden rotary blowers and turbo compressor technology have been consistently serving customer applications for many decades. By combining high efficiency blowers and compressors with innovative digital solutions, Howden offers the most advanced and efficient aeration systems available.

Howden has the ideal industrial solution for your air and gas handling processes.  Visit  for additional information on Howden products.