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UV Solutions for Industrial Liquid Treatment



UV Solutions for Industrial & Commercial Markets

- Food & Beverage

- Microelectronics

- Life Sciences 

- Aquaculture

Chlorine and Chloramine Reduction - Research studies have demonstrated conclusively that free chlorine residuals or chloramine residuals up to 2.0 ppm can be successfully reduced by the application of UV light.

Ozone Reduction - UV light reduces ozone in water very quickly. The mechanism for reduction is dissociation, which occurs when UV energy breaks one of the oxygen bonds in an ozone molecule.

TOC (Total Organic Carbon) Reduction - Aquafine TOC reduction systems harnesses UV light in a 185 nanometer wavelength. This powerful energy promotes the formation of free radicals, leading to the oxidation of organics into CO2 (carbon) and H2O (water) molecules. TOCs are reduced and the oxidation is complete.



Aquafine SwiftBeverage Series

Cost-effective UV System Designed for Dairy, Beverage and Pharmaceutical Applications

Aquafine VL Series

A compact design and economical UV water treatment system for low-flow Industrial applications

OptiVenn Series

Family of UV systems with advanced technology for applications in the pharmaceutical, food & beverage, microelectronics and other industrial markets.

Aquafine Logic Series

UV water treatment system for the recreational water, life sciences and beverage markets.

Aquafine Avant Series

Advanced UV treatment system for ultrapure water applications