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DEC 2023 - SANITAIRE One-of-a-kind Filter for Activated Sludge - Taron Filter

One-of-a-kind filter for activated sludge
The Taron filter develops a dynamic sludge cake layer on micro mesh panels to separate out the biological floc and provide reliable solids reduction.

The innovative Taron activated sludge filter is the only technology of its kind on the market today.

Able to handle high solids content fed directly from a secondary activated sludge basin.

The Taron filter can produce high-quality effluent with TSS less than 10 mg/L - MORE INFO HERE

SEPT 2023 - GEA investing EUR 15 million in Niederahr plant modernization

GEA is modernizing its Niederahr plant in Germany with an investment package of more than EUR 15 million


GEA has been producing decanter centrifuges at the
Niederahr site for over 60 years. These are deployed, for example, in
water treatment, lithium processing, protein extraction as well as the beverage and dairy industries.

“This investment means we will be producing our decanter centrifuges at the Niederahr site in a way that is better for the climate, more efficient and up to the minute”

May 2023 - BEACON WATER TECHNOLOGIES - GDisk® Filtration System Title 22 Approval

Bench- and pilot-scale testing of the Beacon GDisk® filtration system with three different pile cloth medias (10, 5, and 2 µm) resulted in excellent results. Following these results, Carollo Engineers has submitted its Title 22 Performance Testing Report, Final April 2023 to the State of California Division of Drinking Water (DDW). This document requests conditional acceptance for the Beacon GDisk® system. Acceptance includes its 10-, 5-, and 2-micron filtration rated DuraPile™ cloths for use in tertiary recycled water applications.

MORE INFO: | 843.481.4470
PO Box 22097 | Charleston, SC 29413

Oct 2022 - NOW Representing BEACON Water - GDisk® Pile Cloth Disk Filters

BEACON manufactures proven, long-lasting GDisk® pile cloth disk filtration technology
for wastewater, wet weather, industrial, and potable water treatment. | 843.481.4470
PO Box 22097 | Charleston, SC 29413

Feb 2022 - Parent HOWDEN Aquires SPENCER Turbine (Windsor CT)
Aquisition NEWS Here Spencer Turbine, based in Windsor, Connecticut, USA, is an independent manufacturer of high-quality solutions for air and gas handling, with sales primarily in the United States and China. Its industrial blowers, vacuum systems and gas pressure boosters are designed with high quality standards to withstand extreme conditions, ensuring their long-term performance.

JULY 2021 - GEA-WESTFALIA  - Biosolids Granulator - INFO HERE

Innovative dry-on-demand solution
for sludge treatment

This unique process utilizes small dewatered particles – ejecting directly from the rotating centrifuge bowl – which are then immediately heat seared and fixed by the primary direct heat injection stream. These solids are then further dried by the secondary hot air flow in the main drying chamber. This results in an enhanced dried granulated material with up to 50 % dry solids with a sustained pathogen count below 100,000 cfu/g, which conforms to the Biosolids Assurance Scheme (BAS).

JULY 2021 - WATSON-MARLOW  - "Conveying Wave Technology"

Conveying Wave Technology (CWT) employs the peristaltic principle to operate a unique fluid contact element. To achieve the peristaltic pumping action, the pump incorporates an EPDM element rather than a tube, which acts against a PEEK track. As a result the fluid contact elements are subjected to very low stress levels. In use, this means a Qdos CWT pump will deliver significantly longer service life than a traditional pump.- - - - -  CLICK FOR MORE INFO HERE

SEPTEMBER 2020 - CHARTER MACHINE - Elode Electro Osmosis Dehydrator

ELODE is used to dewater sludge cake using Lowest energy possible!

ELODE® can reduce your sludge by half in just 3 minutes!
It is based upon a recent technology that uses mechanisms of electro-osmosis and electrophoresis. It does not need to use heat to evaporate the water from the sludge.

ELODE is 2nd stage dewatering machine made to further reduce water from sludge cake that has been dehydrated by other mechanical dewater ing machines such as screw press, belt press, or centrifuge type of presses. ELODE takes the sludge cake in between two electrically charged surfaces where the Electro Osmosis Dehydrator (ELODE) instantly starts to pull moisture away from the sludge, resulting in a moisture level far below any mechanical means.

Elode Info Page Here

AUGUST 2020 - BOERGER - MCP-VFD Pump and Grinder Panels
  • Large variety of options thanks to intelligent pump control
  • Flexible adjustment of the flow rate via motor control with frequency converter, which allows versatile use of the pumps
  • Highest level of safety due to dry run protection, pressure and temperature monitoring of the pump
  • Simplified operation thanks to automated fill level control
  • External control by operator possible via mobile communication, WLAN, DSL (remote maintenance by Börger is also possible)
  • User-friendly manual switchgear with right-hand/left-hand running and start/stop command
  • Complex regulation of various functions with PLC
  • Simple entry and user administration via touch display
Customized Pump and Grinder Control Panels - BOERGER's in-house electrical engineering department produces and programs control panels which perfectly match your requirements.

JUNE 2020 - SANITAIRE - Digital Diffused Aeration Pressure Monitoring

The Digital Pressure Monitor (DPM) measures diffuser health by calculating diffuser fouling. The DPM system not only monitors diffuser pressure, but displays user-friendly and actionable data on a color HMI. Operators can easily review the potential energy savings and return-on-investment if the diffusers were cleaned or replaced.

Click Here for more info

A maximum of nine grids can be monitored by one DPM controller


APRIL -  2020 - ECS - InSite Remote Access & Monitoring of Odor Control Systems

InSite - Remote Access & Monitoring

ECS is a full-service odor control system provider, offering remote access for customers to see in real time, how their systems are performing. Our experts can assist with troubleshooting and support remotely, sparing you downtime.


Operate & Maintain

Customize system operations with our equipment maintenance solutions, protecting equipment, while ensuring ongoing compliance.

More Info Here

Affordable - QDOS Pods - Qdos Pump Enclosures

Fully functional, plug & play chemical feed skid enclosures


2mm Bar Spaced Multi-Rake Screens by HEADWORKS INTERNATIONAL

2mm bar spacing now available in new HEADWORKS MS Multi-Rake screens and retrofit into existing screens.

With headlosses and capture rates similar to 1/8" perforated or band screens, our fully penetrating 2mm bar screen does not require labor intensive brush or wash water.


New Back Pullout Grinder Configuration by  -  BOERGER

BOERGER now proudly offers a drop-in grinder replacement that requires little to no modifications to existing piping. All we need is flange to flange and flange to pad dimensions. We WILL be competitive with a new unit when compared to having existing units repaired or replaced.

Ask about making your next grinder a maintenance friendly BÖRGER MULTICRUSHER.

PDF Multicrusher Brochure Here

September 2019 - Now Representing FAB-TECH Inc.

PermaShield Pipe

Stainless Steel Corrosive Fume Exhaust and Odor Control Duct

The Safer - True "Class 1" Duct


August 2019 - Now Proudly Representing - RM FIBERGLASS

Modular Fiberglass Buildings, Enclosures & Containment

December 2018 - PARKSON ThickTech RDT - Virtual Tour

August 2018 - VALMET - GEA success story, published in WE&T Technical Journal 

Automatic Control of Centrifuges using Accurate Solids Measurement

Use of the VALMET TS for optimizing the Thickening Process at Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission (PVSC, Newark NJ).

The meter uses a continuous modulating microwave signal that
measures percent solids and internally compensates for sludge

Download WE&T Article

The thickening centrifuges at PVSC use WESTFALIA - VariPond® to control solids thickness by varying pond depth in real time. The centrifuges can provide excellent automatic control of discharge solids, but only when used with an accurate percent solids measurement for a feedback control. 

This is a large facility that achieved remarkable improvements using the VALMET-TS & GEA WESTFALIA with Varipond Centrifuges. The City has reported cost savings of $1.2M (USD) annually in energy and chemical savings.


August 2018 - Introducing - SANITAIRE Vorelodos Aerobic Digester

Consider a complete solution for your aerobic digester. Vorelodos aerobic digester combines equipment, controls, and service, to offer a solution that ensures wastewater treatment plants meet regulations while reducing operational costs.
Rethink your biosolids management strategy Vorelodos Aerobic Digester Meet regulations while saving money


2018 - DBS - Celebrating over 40 years of continuous service

Precision Bearing - Fabricated Housing Clarifier Drives, Since 1977

"Really?  Someone who doesn't own one!!" - Nils Young, President & Founder, DBS


April 2018 - TROJAN UV PHOX - Approved for 1,4-Dioxane Destruction

Destruction of 1,4-Dioxane in Drinking Water

Utilizing Advanced Oxidation Process - UV & Peroxide

TROJAN UV PHOX was approved for full scale installation by MA-DEP.

More details about TROJAN UV PHOX Advanced Oxidation - Contaminant Treatment


VAPEX Sentinel S5 Odor Control Systems Monitor & Controller

Sentinel S5 Radical Odor Control System Multi-Gas Analyzer Technology
with Closed-Loop Controller 


  • Single & multi-stage gas absorption scrubbers
  • Bio-scrubbers & Bio-Trickling Filters (as a monitor)
  • Activated Media scrubbers (as a monitor)


January 2018 - VaporPac, Mobile Odor Control System by ECS

ECS can have a system on-site and operating within 24-hours.

5000 and 10000 cfm systems

Odor Issues? Need a solution Fast?

View More Info


September 2017 - Now Representing

Since 1978, Orthos continues to be the leading nozzle/strainer manufacturer for packaged water and wastewater treatment filters, pressure vessels, IX columns, & tank internals.

Featuring Poseidon Filtration Systems®

Delivering Centurion™ nozzle-based monolithic underdrains, Ortho-Wash™ controls, wash troughs, media, air manifolds, pumps, blowers, & valves for a complete filtration solution.

Library / Media Link

"My block underdrain has blown up...!"

Spring 2017 - VAPEX Pilot Reduces F.O.G.

Significantly Decreased Accumulation of Fats Oils and Grease in Pump Station Utilizing VAPEX Radical Odor Control Technology Model Nano Pilot

 Dowloadable PDF report

VAPEX Eliminates odors, remediate fats, oils and grease and mitigate microbial induced corrosion in municipal wastewater applications. And it does all this without the need to either remove air or add chemicals.

Visit the VAPEX website at: