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Pile Cloth Disk Filtration Systems


BEACON manufactures proven, long-lasting GDisk® pile cloth disk filtration technology
for wastewater, wet weather, industrial, and potable water treatment.


May 2023 - BEACON WATER TECHNOLOGIES - GDisk® Filtration System Title 22 Approval

Bench- and pilot-scale testing of the Beacon GDisk® filtration system with three different pile cloth medias (10, 5, and 2 µm) resulted in excellent results. Following these results, Carollo Engineers has submitted its Title 22 Performance Testing Report, Final April 2023 to the State of California Division of Drinking Water (DDW). This document requests conditional acceptance for the Beacon GDisk® system. Acceptance includes its 10-, 5-, and 2-micron filtration rated DuraPile™ cloths for use in tertiary recycled water applications.



GDisk® Advantage

Fully-submerged vertical disks with outside-in flow enables increased flow rates, high solids loading, and small footprint.  Static operation requiring power only for backwash minimizes maintenance and electrical costs.  Beacon selects from three GDisk® pile cloth nominal filtration ratings according to the influent characteristics and effluent requirements. Manageable, reasonably-sized disk segments provide for ease of replacement.

How GDisk® Filters Work
Influent water filters through the GDisk® pile cloth, passes from the disk interior to the center tube, and out over an effluent weir.  As solids are captured within the pile, GDisk® automatically backwashes at a set water level or timed interval.  Solids are wasted via the patented GDisk® backwash manifold or tank bottom sludge collector.
Since 2009, GDisk® Pile Cloth Disk Filters reliably remove solids over a broad range of particle sizes and increased hydraulic or solids loading.  Turbidity and concentrations of suspended solids, phosphorus, and other contaminants are all efficiently reduced by GDisk®.  Numerous applications include tertiary, industrial, wet weather, and primary treatment, as well as for phosphorus removal and water reuse.
Phosphorus Removal - Reduction of effluent phosphorus by GDisk® prevents eutrophication, improving receiving waters.

Tertiary - GDisk® provides a superior-performing,
space-saving method to remove suspended solids to meet post-secondary treatment requirements.

Wet Weather - GDisk® filters intermittent, high solids wet weather events with increased sludge and floatable wasting capabilities.

Water Reuse - GDisk® effectively treats reclaimed water as part
of direct or indirect water reuse processes.

Primary - High solids loading rates of the GDisk® enable efficient primary treatment without chemicals under varying influent conditions.

Industrial - GDisk® delivers economical filtration technology to industrial clients to meet pretreatment or direct discharge requirements.