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Realtime Measurement and Control of % Solids in Water and Wastewater


        NOVE Safe Samplers

TS - Total Solids Measurement

DS - Dry Solids Measurement

SDO - Sludge Dewatering Optimizer

LS - Low Solids Measurement

Valmet offers the Valmet TS for measuring feed % solids, the Valmet DS for measuring dry cake % solids and the Valmet LS for centrate suspended % solids measurement. The Valmet SDO using multi-variable model predictive control (MPC), uses these measurements to control polymer dosing and centrifuge torque. Multi-variable MPC is unique to Valmet’s SDO and is essential for centrifuge optimization since centrifuge control is a non-linear process system.

Valmet TS - Superior total solids measurement solution for wastewater.  Valmet TS ( 0- 40% ) , Valmet total solids measurement is a microwave based measurement technology that offers great saving and performance increase potential in the sludge process area.

Valmet LS - Superior low solids measurement solution for wastewater.  Valmet low solids measurement ( 0 - 5000 mg/l ), is specially developed for municipal or industrial wastewater treatment processes to measure low solids in difficult applications.