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Peristaltic Tubing & Hose Pumps 


The world's leading manufacturer of peristaltic pumps, tubing and hoses.

Founded on nearly 60 years of supplying engineering and process expertise and with over one million pumps installed worldwide, our pumps are tried, tested and proven to deliver.


Qdos Tubing Pumps 500 Series Tubing Pumps 600 Series Tubing Pumps 700 Series Tubing Pumps Apex Hose Pumps Bredel Hose Pump

NEW !!!

Conveying Wave Technology (CWT) employs the peristaltic principle to operate a unique fluid contact element CWT INFO HERE

Chemical Metering Systems


Improve your process, simplify your installation 

Watson-Marlow’s Chemical Metering Systems are fully customizable to meet any application need.

Everything from triple pump skids, hose pump systems and more, are available on request.
By utilizing advanced 3D CAD modeling tools, coupled with over 50 years of pumping expertise, Watson-Marlow can deliver a custom metering solution designed to your exact specifications
and needs.

• Fully integrated and tested systems that save installation time and costs
• A single source for total system support
• Designed and engineered by the market leader in peristaltic metering
• Robust and flexible design for optimal systemintegration
• Paint-free corrosion resistant polypropylene

Fully functional, plug & play chemical feed skid enclosures & Mounting Slutions

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