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BETTIS™ is now a leading brand in the broad offering...

...of Emerson Automation Solutions

Valve & Gate Actuators (electric, pneumatic, manual)


BETTIS XTE 3000 Valve Actuator EIM M2CP Electric Valve Actuator

The XTE3000 is an intelligent multi-turn electric actuator from the Bettis family of actuators. Specifically designed to meet the most challenging valve automation demands of the Oil & Gas, Power, and Process industries, the XTE3000 is compliant with a wide range of international standards and is the ideal solution to your plant’s safety and reliability requirements.
Configure and Diagnose XTE3000 with DCMlink Software: Click here


M2CP was 2000 Series. It fits broad range of quarter-turn and multi-turn applications. Field service can be performed quickly and easily.

EIM Part-turn Manual Gear Operator DCMlink Software

Four series of worm gear operators are available and suitable for all butterfly, ball and plug type valves.

Valve Actuation's Diagnostic and Configuration Tool. DCMlink collects data from electric actuators, providing connectivity to plant level asset management systems, helping interpret performance data, assess health condition of devices and optimize maintenance. This software platform unifies Emerson Bettis electric actuators and EHO, improves commissioning and troubleshooting. It ensures seamless and convenient communication with actuators via wired and wireless connections
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