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Valve Actuators (electric, pneumatic, manual)


EIM TEC2 Electric Valve Actuator EIM M2CP Electric Valve Actuator EIM HQ-Series Quarter-turn Electric Valve Actuator

This electric valve actuator is the next generation of the non-intrusive TEC2000 actuator. Robust and compact design that are widely used on valves for marine, oil and gas, chemical, power, and water and wastewater applications.

M2CP was 2000 Series. It fits broad range of quarter-turn and multi-turn applications. Field service can be performed quickly and easily.

Compact, easy to use electric quarter-turn actuator that is durable and suitable for butterfly, ball, and plug valves, including damper control.

EIM 2000LP Pneumatic Multi-turn Valve Actuator EIM Part-turn Manual Gear Operator

EIM Controlinc Network Control

Low pressue pneumatic actuator is multi-turn air driven that suited for linear stem, rising stem or rotating stem valves. Developed for operation in any application where reliable electricity is not available.

Four series of worm gear operators are available and suitable for all butterfly, ball and plug type valves.

Capable of controlling up to 124 valve actuator and provides the security of built-in redundancy for uninterrupted operation.